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Vila dos Sonhos (Eco Social Center)

Develop an Eco Social Center focused on human development, education, generation of opportunities / income and strengthening of solidarity ideals. Develop a model for other villages in Brazil.


“VILA DOS SONHOS” is an education and training center that seeks, not only to offer opportunities for individuals of different ages to develop their personal skills and find better living conditions for themselves and their families, but also to share values and ethical foundations , aiming at a truly sustainable model of life. It constitutes a model of inspiring social action, of local action, but replicable to other locations in the country and abroad.



  • Space for community members to develop individual skills and participate in workshops and lectures

  • The rescue of traditional cultures

  • Values of solidarity and citizenship

  • Dissemination of organic food concepts and health promotion

  • Create positive, sensitive and responsive learning environments for dynamic and environmental activities

  • Professional training and support

  • Sport, art and culture in coexistence integrated with nature

  • Reforestation / Environmental protection


As an agent of social transformation, Vila dos Sonhos targets the communities around it, volunteers and national and international residents.


We are developing and building this dream. Please come, participate and be part of it. You are very welcome !!


Sports Wave

The objective of this Project is to use sport as an instrument of social insertion and to rescue citizenship through soccer classes and sports modalities with the aim of democratizing sport in the community and occupying the free time of children and young people, avoiding the dangers of idleness. We believe that sport is closely linked to the transformation of the individual and his reality and that is why we have developed, since our foundation, actions and projects of a sporting nature in different communities.


Specific objectives

  • To provide children and young people from the communities of São Cristóvão and adjacent neighborhoods (Rio de Janeiro) and Santana do Deserto - MG in conditions of social risk, access to collective and individual sports that enable the development of motor skills and abilities of students aged 6 to 18 years

  • Introduce sport as a factor of educational development and as a vehicle for physical, intellectual and social training;

  • Encourage, through sports, the reduction of idleness in this part of the population, providing a healthier lifestyle, seeking to improve quality of life.

  • Provide sports activities to access culture and knowledge of the history of the sport, offering students class-walking activities to public spaces of a sporting nature such as (stadiums, courts, clubs) in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

  • Organize tournaments, friendlies and games in the community with the objective of stimulating team practices, taking into account the solidarity among the members, respect for the rules of sport, social coexistence and especially the sports spirit as a factor of education and formation of the student's character

  • Promote educational actions linking sport to health, focusing on the prevention of dangerous behaviour, creating possibilities for new choices, offering the possibility of practicing sport, through healthy habits, discipline and respect that contribute to the formation of conscious, critical and life-changing citizens.

  • Enable the emergence of new athletes and teams that in the future may participate in sporting events at the municipal, state and national levels.


In our project, the physical education teacher has the mission of making students aware of their value, skills and limits through daily activities, recognizing and accepting the differences and potentials in others.

Through sport, the project provides incentives for the emergence of new talents and the construction of new values and bonds through teamwork.



The “Youth Transformation Program: for an active and supportive youth” aims to train young leaders for the job market and for life, with the general objective of providing comprehensive and complementary training for young people from communities with a low HDI for support and guidance in the building of their lives.



Our goal is that each young person who joins the program becomes a young person capable of perceiving himself as an active and sensitive individual to social issues and, therefore, understanding solidarity. 


Through our own choices, through suggestions in group work and with the teachers of the workshops and professionals related to the Youth Transformation Program, we aim to offer young people the opportunity to experience activities that enable them to dream and expand their horizons.

The syllabus Transformation Youth Program was structured to bring workshops such as planning and management to think about careers, working on issues of identity and vocation to build a professional life with meaning; development of a collaborative profile, which guides young people to assume more critical thought in the search for the resolution of personal, interpersonal and social problems, guided by the theme of citizenship and solidarity and the English language.

The Program benefits young people between 13 and 18 years of age. 

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Voice, Camera and Action

This women's empowerment project for teenagers and young people aged 12 to 18 years uses the art of cinema as a tool for social transformation. The young leaders have made a difference by expressing their thoughts through the development and production of films that convey messages, positive values ​​and themes of the youth people's daily lives with the aim of generating better awareness and debates on these areas. This work is being developed with Libertacine.

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Solidarity Action


This project encompasses solidarity actions and campaigns developed by Onda Solidaria e Solidários in Brazil and in various parts of the world in support of projects and social causes.


During the year we developed activities and actions in the most diverse communities that bring hope and improvement to children and young people. Children's Day, Christmas, Music, Art, Sports, events, and local improvements are just some of the activities that we develop according to the demand and engagement of the Solidarity and community.

Historic Projects


Our group has been developing social work and actions since 2000. The results and experiences of these projects have taken us to where we are today. It is a beautiful path that is continuing to be built by Solidarians from different parts of the world.

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