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6 MAY 2021

18:00 BST (UK)


Adopt a Tree

The three pillars of Vila dos Sonhos, Onda Solidária are: sport, education and the environment. Therefore, as part of the Football Festival, we launched a project to invite anyone, from anywhere in the world, to adopt to plant a tree.

For just R$40 (~£5)*, a tree will be planted and maintained for you at Vila dos Sonhos, Brazil. 


You will receive a certificate of adoption to say thank you for your donation, and progress of the tree planting will be shared on our social media.


*Your donation will be in BR$, you may be charged a small fee for currency conversion if paying with another currency.

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Onda Solidária's Reforestation Project

Onda Solidária is working on a reforestation project at Vila dos Sonhos. When the charity gained possession of the area, the land was dry and without vegetation, having previously been excavated and used for livestock fields. To help create their vision of a sustainable life model, Onda Solidária started a land reforestation project.

There are 27 hectares of land to reforest - roughly the size of 38 UK football fields! Although the project is progressing thanks to volunteers and donors, many seeds have yet to be sown. By donating R$40 (~£5) using the button above, you are allowing Onda Solidária to plant and maintain a tree in Vila dos Sonhos, helping to transform empty land into living forests that protect our planet.

Why plant trees?

  • Trees are one of the best ways to combat the climate crisis. 

  • Thanks to trees absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, planting a tree can help offset your carbon footprint.

  • Trees provide habitats for different species of wildlife.

  • Planting trees helps to protect ecosystems and restore biodiversity, which makes human life possible.

  • In short, trees are essential for our planet. Plant a tree today and help us take a step to save our world, before it's too late!

Plant a Tree

For every R$40 (~£5) donated, one tree will be planted and maintained by Onda Solidária at Vila dos Sonhos, Brazil.

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