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Fundraising Event 

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6 MAY 2021

18:00 BST (UK)


Get to know Onda Solidária

Take a look at the videos below to learn about the amazing work that Onda Solidária are doing to build a global society of solidarity, including their projects, volunteer work and sustainability impact. 


The Festival of Football is fundraising to build a new solidarity lodge at Vila dos Sonhos. The lodge will host children, youth, volunteers and guests from all over the world in Vila dos Sonhos and provide a calming space for people to live in harmony with nature. The lodge will have an environmentally friendly sewage system, use alternative energy and provide access to clean water from protected springs in the reforested area of the village.


Vila dos Sonhos, translated as “Villa of Dreams”, is an educational and sports training centre that seeks not only to provide opportunities for people of different ages to develop their personal skills and find better living conditions for themselves and their families, but also to transmit values and ethical foundations aimed at a truly sustainable model of life. The eco social centre provides a model for inspiring social action, of local action, but transferable to other places in the country and abroad. 


Onda Solidária aims to promote social inclusion by creating opportunities in low-income communities in Brazil and stimulating awareness and participation of people in different parts of the world to build a more just and solidary global society. 


Onda Solidária uses sport as an instrument of social inclusion and citizenship through football classes and other sports, with the aim of democratising sport in the community and occupying the free time of children and young people to avoid the dangers of idleness. Sport is linked to the transformation individuals and their reality, and therefore, since its foundation, Onda Solidária has developed actions and projects of a sporting nature, primarily football, in different communities. 

The role of the sports teacher is to make the students aware of their value, their abilities and their limits through daily activities, and to recognise and accept the differences and potentials of others. Through sports, incentives are created to encourage new talents, building values and bonds, and teamwork skills.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Discover the work of volunteers at Onda Solidária, learn how you can help, or come volunteer at the Village of Dreams in Santana do Deserto yourself. Let's make a difference. 


Onda Solidária's Village of Dreams is an Eco Social Centre. Young people that visit the project are taught how to live sustainably as they help to build the village, participating in activities such as tree planting or working on renewable energy sources, to create a model village for a sustainable way of life. An important project is tree planting. There's 27 hectares of land to reforest - about the size of 38 UK football pitches! Whilst that's a lot of seeds to put into the ground, thanks to support from volunteers and donors, turning dry land into luscious living forests is a dream that is becoming a reality. 

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