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Onda Solidária is a non-profit organization supported by people like you .


By becoming our partner / donor with a regular donation, you can make a big difference in our projects and will help us keep improving and delivering more opportunities to many children and young people from poor communities in Brazil.

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Initial step:

Structuring the area: Completed V


Dream / Project under construction


Bricks:      R$ 1.870,00 (2.200 tijolos) - GGP

Sand:       R$ 1.200,00 (15 m³) - Polimak

Gravel:     R$    500,00 (  5 m³) - Polimak

Cement:   R$ 1.760,00 (80) - Local / Construmil

Columns:  R$ 1.542,20 - Local / Construmil

Subtotal:  R$ 6.872,20


Slab:         R$ 3.600,00 - Pro Garcia

(81 M2 com sobrecarga de 200 KG M2)

Concrete:  R$ 2.640,00 (Concreto Oriente)

Subtotal roof: R$ 6.240,00


Doors:      R$ 1.799,80  (3)

Windows: R$ 3.676,50 (10)

Subtotal wood: R$ 5.476,30


Floor:                    R$ 2.018,01

Painting:                R$ 1.200,00

Glass:                   R$    610,00

Subtotal finishing: R$ 3.828,01

Labor (Approx.): Bricklayer and helpers, electrician and locksmith

Month 1: R$ 4.000,00

Month 2: R$ 4.000,00

Month 3: R$ 5.000,00

Month 4: R$ 5.000,00

Subtotal labor: R$ 18.000,00

Total campaign:    R$ 40.416,51

Amount collected: R$ 15.000,00

Goal:                     R$ 25.416,51

P.S: We are focusing the campaign to help in the items above, considering that the other necessary materials have already been purchased or are insured (eg: crockery, metals, electrical and hydraulic parts, etc.)

We will update the progress of the project and the amounts collected monthly.

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